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Welcome to the homepage of fracar games. We aim to produce highly entertaining games for a range of audiences with a focus on what we believe all games should be about - having fun.

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What are we about?

The types of games we currently have in development are well described as innovation in traditional fun – in some cases adding new dimensions to very simple concepts, in others taking completely new ideas and making them feel as familiar as possible. Throughout we have tried to make the games simple and intuitive to make them accessible to all potential players.

The first of our games, SqAres, is out now as an application for iPhone and iPod touch. We're delighted to say that SqAres reached the number one spot on the "New and Noteworthy" chart for both Puzzles and Family Games in the UK App Store, and it has also been featured for several weeks under "What's Hot" in the same sections. We're looking to follow up that success with our first board game and another iPhone app in the coming months. Please take a look at an overview of the projects we have in progress in the Our Work section.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the many friends and family whose ideas, help, participation and support have been invaluable in fracar games getting this far. It certainly couldn’t have been done without you and I hope you won’t mind there’s a lot more playing to be done!

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Coming soon

The prototype of our new board game has been sent to the printers, and work is about to begin on our exciting new iPhone app!