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We have a number of projects in progress at the moment at varying stages of completion.

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We are delighted to announce the release of SqAres, a puzzle game application designed for iPhone and iPod touch. SqAres is a puzzle game that provides a fast-paced test of your strategy whether in the single player challenge mode or in the multi-player version against your friends. It was fantastic news that SqAres reached the top of the "New & Noteworthy" features in both the Puzzle and Family Game sections of the UK App Store, and that success has been followed up with an extended run in the "What's Hot" feature of the same sections.

The dedicated SqAres website can be found at www.sqares.net.

Project L

Project L is a team board game for 6 or more players that challenges players mentally and physically! Testing has proved this party game is great fun to play, and now with 900 clues written for 300 individual question cards a prototype is being produced at the printers.

The search is now on to find the right production partner to get Project L to market in plenty of time for Christmas 2012 - it's not as far away as you might think!

Project N

A party game for 3 – 12 people. This game is purely about fun. Whilst there are winners and losers, in our experience players are laughing most of the time they are in the game, then laughing at those still playing once they are out.

A spreadsheet pre-prototype has been successfully tested by 30 players to date and a demonstrator iPhone application has been produced enhancing the gameplay further. A range of comments about the game are shown under "What Players Say about Project N".

As part of our market research we surveyed 122 people aged 16 and over with no knowledge of Project N about their gaming habits. We found that the top 3 attributes they were looking for when buying a game for a friend were:

  • humourous (65%)
  • a team game (52%)
  • a party game (50%)

Project N ticks all these boxes and is also intuitive to learn and play. The concept has been rigorously tested and has always been immensely fun to play.

A trademark application is in progress and we are now convinced that an iPhone application is the right format for the game, particularly as it allows us to release the game sooner. We're hopeful Apple might add a "Party" section to their Game types soon, that would perfectly showcase Project N!

Project D

Project D is a card-based party game for 3-8 players that rewards your knowledge of your friends’ likes and dislikes. Can be played individually or in teams of up to 4, it’s particularly effective for boys against girls competition!

Project D is in its early stages but initial signs are that there might be a market for two versions of the game.

What players say about Project N

Coming soon

The prototype of our new board game has been sent to the printers, and work is about to begin on our exciting new iPhone app!